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Dominican varieties are produced year round by more than 15,000 small farmers  who reside in many different climate zones of the country, we actually are working with more than 1,000 avocados producers located in the south regions of the island, like in Ocoa, Azua, San Cristobal, Barahona, Peravia, San Juan and Pedernales.

The Dominican Republic is home to the biggest avocado connoisseurs on the planet. While most of the world eats Hass variety, we Dominicans eat more than 20 different varieties!! Our country is the second largest producer of avocados, yet 14 countries export more avocados we do.

This thin skinned, tender fleshed savory fruit is grown in the majestic, green, mountains of our vribrant Caribbean island. In addition to bearing fruit, these avocados often serves as shade trees for coffee and cocoa plants for which we are also globally famous.

  we are already exporting by air and sea  in carton boxes of 4kg, 6kg and 12kg , to diffrente destinations like USA, Canada, Europe and Russia.  Some of the variety we export are the following

Semil34 :

Caractheristic Tradictional Dominican flavor, it is perfect, unique, creamy, inviting, provocative, flavorful, recorded in your memory.Green Skin

Culinary use: The semil I can be used in all type of preparations. Available from October till February


Caractheristic: Irregular rounded shape, thick skin, butter like texture very  sweet and creamy inside. Green skin

Culinary use: With soups and stews with seafood with a salty or citrus taste. Available from February till Abril

Pullick: Elegant Green skin avocado, big sizes Available from June till November

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variety semil34
September till February 87%
variety Carla
November till Feabruary 80%
variety Pollock
June till December 85%