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Here in this Caribbean paradise, we produce the sweetest and largest pineapples in the region, of the MD2 or golden variety.
Due to our privigeliado climate we produce the whole year, pineapples caliber from 5 to 10 in boxes of 12kg, with a brix level from 12 to 16.
Currently we can offer via aera gourmet type ready to eat, it is a freshly cut pineapple that the buyer receives it maximum 3 days after cutting, with a yellow color level 2.5 to 3 and a brix level higher than 14.
Packaging specifications: Vertical boxes for 12kg air shipments, 6 gauge.
For marine shipping 12 kg horizontal boxes with sizes from 5 to 10.

We respond in less than 24 hours


variety Pineapples MD2
year round 100%