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The sweetest and most delicious mango varieties from around the world are produced on this Caribbean island, thanks to the fact that we receive the sun’s rays all year long.
Our largest production is located in the southern zone, in the provinces of Peravia, Azua, Bahoruco and San Cristobal.
Although we have full year production, the most exportable varieties are harvested from March to October, please check our variety calendar.
Two of our main varieties are: Mingolo and Grano de Oro.

Packaging specifications: Actually we pack in boxes of 2kg, 4kg and 6kg. We ship fruit ready to eat and also by sea.

We respond in less than 24 hours


variety Mingolo
March till July 34%
variety Grano de Oro
March till July 34%
variety Keitt
May till September 56%
variety Palmer
June till October 48%