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Who We Are.

As Elliot Ortiz Vasquez drives from his company’s farm in Miches, Dominican Republic to its packing house in Bani to finalize paperwork for a shipmentof sweet potatoes destined for Canada, he is happy with the decision he and his partner made to go global with their produce business. In 2014 Eliot Ortiz and his partner Ysidra Vasquez Sanchez, his mother, decided to diversify Ely Import R Export SRL sales through exporting.They started the company in 2012. They believed that while there was blood, sweat and tears involved in the process the anticipated future sales made it

Our Team

Eliot ortiz


Sidra Vásquez

Logistics manager

Luz Del alba

Marketing Manager

Ely Export was born from the desire to overcome a Dominican family who decided in addition to dedicating themselves to agricultural production, bringing with passion and commitment the best of their land to the international market, efficiently.
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Responsibility, Commitment, Efficiency, Respect
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RespectAchieve perfection in the quality of our products, while ensuring safety Maintain a long-term continuous relationship with our buyers Grow sustainably with our producers and buyers
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